What to Wear

Children are encouraged to explore, play and learn in a sensory way. Children will be using material such as paint, mud, glue, play dough, sand and water to name but a few on a daily basis. Therefore children are likely to get messy so they should wear clothes suitable for play. Exploring and learning outside and only the very wettest of weather will keep us in, so please ensure your child comes to school with appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear or wellies in the winter to avoid any accidents.

If your child gets wet while playing or has an accident while going to the toilet then a member of staff will change them. Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes left in a bag on their peg. If your child is still in nappies or pull ups then please bring spare nappies and wipes as we are unable to provide these. On sunny days please apply sun cream before you child come to Nursery with a sun hat. If your child is staying all day then bring in a labelled bottle and we will apply after lunchtime.

If you prefer we sell sweatshirts and polo shirts at the main office.