Why Nursery Schools Matter

In a time of great political turmoil and upheaval...its not just MP’s under pressure. Your Maintained Nursery School faces unprecedented uncertainty about future funding.

On a day when we saw a new Prime minister entering Downing Street and a new cabinet being established. Nursery school head teachers and Governors from all over the country attended The All Parliamentary Group on the future of Maintained Nursery Schools.


In the picture:
Sue Allan, head teacher at Ribblesdale Nursery School with Graham Stuart MP, Chair of the All Parliamentary Group.

Sacha Walker Bryne head teacher at Fairfield Nursery School and Linda Connelly head teacher at Staghills Nursery School and Liz Mutch Governor at Staghills joined us to thank Graham Stuart for successfully engaging members of parliament from both parties in the debate.

Please support us and contact your local MP Nigel Evans to hear his views on Why Maintained Nursery Schools matter.