Dear Parents / Carers,

From September 2017 your child may be eligible for extended 30 hours entitlement.

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Parents (whether two-parent or lone parent) are working
  • 16 hours working /or the equivalent to 16 hours working based on the National minimum wage or national living wage
  • Income cap of £100,000 (one or both parents)
  • Includes zero-hours contracts and self-employed
  • One/or both parent/s is away on leave (parental, maternal etc.)
  • One/both parent/s is on Statutory sick pay

If you are eligible this is what you need to do:

  • Log onto the following website:
  • Apply for your 30 hours on this site if you think you are eligible
  • Please print off proof of eligibility with the reference number they give you and bring it to nursery

If you are eligible and have a reference number

  • Please complete the booking form titled “30 Hours” showing us how you want to use your 30 hours
  • You can use less than 30 hours if you don’t want to use them all
  • 30 hours is only available term time only. However, if you wish to stretch your 30 hours over 51 weeks, you can, subject to availability. The maximum number of hours you could use a week (free of charge) with the booking format we provide is up to 22 hours. If you need more than 22 hours full year you can pay for any extra on a weekly basis (subject to availability)

If you only require 15 hours (or are not eligible for 30)

  • Please complete the booking form titled: “Universal 15 hours” and tick your requirements. (The 15 hours must be used during a school session).


We are still receiving guidance by Lancashire County Council on how the 30 hours is to be delivered. In order to support our families we have made the decisions to find out what your requirements are as soon as possible. At this stage, your requirements are not guaranteed but once we have received the information back from yourselves we will analyse everyone’s requirements and will get back to you very soon with the sessions we can offer your child/children.

Please return the booking form as soon as possible.

Sue Allan,

Nursery school head teacher

Sue Allan (Head Teacher)


Briefing Letter

30 Hour Booking Sheet

15 Hour Booking Sheet